Kobujyutsu – Bo

Kata Scoring

Kata will be scored using the points system

Kata Rounds

Kata competition will be performed in rounds with the top competitors progressing to the next round until the final round. The number of competitors for each round will be:

Number of CompetitorsNumber of Rounds
1 – 81
9 – 152

Permissible Kata Repetition

Kata performed in following rounds must follow the permissible kata repetition rules.

A-B-A = The competitor may not repeat the same kata twice in a row. e.g. If the competitor performs a kata (kata A) the next kata they perform must be a different kata (kata B). After performing kata B they may then perform kata A again or the competitor may also choose to perform a different kata.

Note – If a tie breaker kata is required to be performed than the same rules will still apply. The kata performed for the tie breaker must be a different kata to the previous kata performed. If successful in the tie breaker then a different kata to the kata performed in the tie breaker must be performed.

A = The competitor may repeat the same kata in each performance.

Permissible Kata

Competitors are only able to perform kata from the accepted list.

DivisionPermissible KataPermissible Kata Repetition
Master’s AA – B – A
Master’s BA – B – A
Master’s CA – B – A
AdultA – B – A
Jr AA – B – A
Jr BA – B – A
Jr CA – B – A
Jr DA – B – A
Jr EA – B – A
Jr FA – B – A
Jr GA – B – A

Permissible Bo