Visit The Gold Coast

Welcome to the Gold Coast

With it’s beautiful beaches, amazing hinterland, theme parks, golf course, shopping, and a multitude of restaurants representing cuisine from all over the world. The Gold Coast has long been a favorite tourist destination for domestic and international tourists welcoming approximately 12 million tourists a year.

Where is the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast is located on the south-eastern coast of Queensland, Australia. It is 1hr south of the Queensland capital city, Brisbane. The Gold Coast is serviced by international airports located at Coolangatta (Gold Coast) and Brisbane.

Be Aware!Australia is a big country! When making your travel plans take note that the distance between popular places in Australia is often a long way. The distance between Sydney and the Gold Coast is approximately 9-10 hours drive by car. The distance between Cairns and the Gold Coast is approximately 20 hours drive by car.

Where to Stay on the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast has many different options for accommodation to suit everyone from individuals to families. Search on the web for Gold Coast accommodation and you will find a lot of options from budget to luxury.

Tournament Venue – Gold Coast Sport and Leisure Centre – 296 Nerang Broadbeach Road, Carrara.

Broadbeach and surrounding suburbs will provide convenient access to the tournament venue. For other locations the Gold Coast Light Rail runs to and from Broadbeach.

Buses will be organised to run from Broadbeach (Near Pacific Fair) to Carrara each day of competition (TBC).

Book Early! – August is a popular time of the year for tourists on the Gold Coast. It is recommended you look to book your accommodation early.

Getting around the Gold Coast

There are many options for getting around the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast Light Rail runs from Helensvale to Broadbeach South. There is a system of buses (not as frequent as some countries). Taxi’s are readily available. Ride share platforms such as Uber are very popular. Hiring a car is a popular option.

Be Aware!If driving Australian traffic laws are strictly enforced, to avoid a speeding ticket always follow the road rules.

What to do on the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast is a tourist mecca with things to do to suit any budget. Some of the popular activities include theme parks, shopping, nightlife, sports, golf, beaches, surfing, fishing, rain-forest walks and much more.

Search on the web for Gold Coast attractions and you will a lot of options to make the most of your stay.

NoteEnglish is the primary language in Australia however many tourist locations will often have Japanese speaking staff available. As a popular destination for Japanese tourists for many years the Gold Coast is well geared to cater for Japanese tourists.

Australian Wildlife

Australia is famous for it’s unique wildlife. When visiting the Gold Coast you may see Kangaroo’s, Wallabies, Koala’s, Goanna’s, Whales, Dolphins, many different birds, snakes, spiders and many more. Whilst you may see some of these if you are lucky you will most likely need to visit one of the specialty parks or take a tour for a guaranteed encounter.

NoteYes, Australia is home to many dangerous snakes and spiders however it is very unlikely that you will ever encounter one on the Gold Coast.